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Welcome to DerekBell-List.com.  The purpose of this site is to identify certain Pittsburgh sports figures and personalities, as well as other markets sports figures and personalities who have injected themselves into the Pittsburgh market, who have, either by their actions and/or performance (or lack thereof) on or off the field, their cry-baby comments, or general overall douche-baggedness have achieved a level of infamy among the Pittsburgh sports public.

This is not a site to identify sports figures that Pittsburghers simply hate due to playing for rival teams (i.e. Ray Lewis, Scott Hartnell, etc.), rather it is for figures who have, rightfully or not, become a symbol of Pittsburgh sports fans ire. 

The most perfect example of this type of sports figure is none other than "Operation Shutdown" himself, Derek Bell.

Being added to The Derek Bell List is not a life sentence.  A member of The Derek Bell List may be removed if the person has sufficiently redeemed them self through heroic acts on or off the field. 

Feel free to recommend potential members or provide argument as to why a member should be redeemed at DerekBell-List@hotmail.com, on our Guestbook, on Facebook or on Steel City Buzz.